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Why Web Banner is required on Today’s World?

Why Web Banner is required on Today’s World?

What is banner advertising?

Of course, it’s a form of online advertising through banners. Banner advertising is also called display advertising because of the visual nature of banner ads.

What is Web Banners and why web banners are required in this world today?

Web Banner is the form of advertising on World Wide Web. This form of online advertising helps the business people to promote their website to worldwide through Google ad works.

Why Banner Advertisement became very important in any businessman life? 

Earlier, before web banner ads, the business promotion was happening through manual intervention, People use to go and meet the customers directly for the business promotion, post the business promotions stickers on the walls, recruit people for field work to sell the products directly to the customers and many other ways people used to promote their business.

Web banners or banner ads were a real time help for all those business promoters as they started promoting the business online.

Advantages of getting into online business promotion

  1. No need to go on the field to meet customer.
  2. No on field marketing team was required and no additional cost to spend on them.
  3. Everything became very easy and work at finger tip after this online promotion came into the picture.
  4. Google ad works are a platform for both promoters and consumers. It acts as a middleman between the a person who wants to advertise his/her banner in Google ad works and Google in return goes the person

who can help the one who needs to advertise the banners in Google ad works?

Google has given the banner design the new life: Banner Designs are largely seen nowadays as a fossil from internet dinosaur period. In-between web banners advertising looks like it was dying, the rectangle boxes on the banner sites which were click through dipped to 0.20% for average banners and 0.50 for rich and medium banners. Was that the era for web banners to die? No, not really, great many companies, Large and small companies still use the web banners as a part of the website promotions.

Now, what are the ways that web banners are useful to website companies, what are the kinds of web banners?

As with any banner design, the first thing for you to know is what you want to say the consumers through web banners and designs, and even you have to make a choice whether you need to go with static banner or animated banner and it also depends on, what are you and what is that you want to promote in your website. There are pros and cons to both kinds of banner designs, the design of your website are more important for conversions than you think. You can implement any conversion boosting tactic in the world, but if it looks like crap, it won’t do you much good.

Many simply want to know, do banner design work?  The answer is not so simple, and takes more into account than just CTR (Click through Rate).

With internet banner design, impressions can be nearly as valuable as clicks, some banner designs are not even designed to get clicked- they are essentially and they are for branding purposes. While some online users claim consumers ignore all online advertisements completely, the truth is that we humans are not as good at voluntarily blinding ourselves as we think.  If a bright, colorful banner appears on your screen, you’ll look at it, and while it may have no effect today, days, months, or even years later it may become relevant.