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Professional HTML5 web banners and HTML5 banner ads for Google Adwords

Professional HTML5 web banners and HTML5 banner ads for Google Adwords

HTML5 banners, also known as HTML5 animated banners or HTML5 banner ads, can be an effective part of every brand’s digital strategy. Not using them yet? Not sure where to start? Not to worry. We’ll walk you through all the ways you to stand to benefit from these banner ads and how you can get started with them.

First off, it would be helpful to know what exactly these banners are made up of–what is HTML5? We’re glad you asked. HTML5 is the most recent version of Hypertext Markup Language, the code that describes web pages. And it’s a 3-in-1 deal. HTML5 is made of HTML, CSS and Javascript – in other words, the pieces that provide structure, presentation and interactive effects.

Now that we’re familiar with what these banners are made up of, let’s look at what they can do for you. With every consumer using multiple devices and platforms on a daily basis, and with each requiring a particular format for optimal viewing, adaptable designs are a must. The one-size-fits-all era is long gone when it comes to strategy and tactics.And the ease with which HTML5 banners’ can be quickly produced, modified or resized for use in different layouts is unbeatable.

Don’t just take our word for it –there are plenty of studies that have been completed, and many more being conducted, on consumers’ behaviours online. The results repeatedly show upward trends in researching products, and purchasing, online. The bottom line in all this? Your target audience is spending more time than ever in digital spaces – and they’re only planning on increasing this. You can’t afford not to have a strong presence for your brand in the places your leads are looking.

According to PricewaterhouseCooper’s “Total Retail Survey 2017” 39% of consumers find their main inspiration for purchases via social media networks; not surprising considering that most brands have long since shifted at least some of their marketing efforts to the social media platform or platforms where their target audiences spend the most time.

1/3 of consumers, meanwhile, research price and product availability on their phones.And 35% of consumers will be making their mobile device/smartphone their main purchasing tool. All of these patterns show signs of increasingamongst, and beyond, the 24 000 consumers, in 29 territories, and 11 product categories, which PwC has analyzed.

With HTML5 web banners your branding can be optimized to appear with rich media, across devices, allowing you to take advantage of advertising on the platforms, and across the devices, that your target audience is using daily (if not even more frequently).

Scale up without settling for less impact or functionality and choose the banner ad which allows you to create multiple versions, to maximize your reach, as quickly as possible.

At BannersMall, we offer competitive pricing and a quick and easy process to help you access your HTML5 banners as soon as you need them. All you have to do is provide your design requirements and place your ordersecurely, through our payment gateway, with the click of a button. You’ll receive and review your designs, provide us with feedback and notes for revisions, and then receive your finalized designs. The entire process takes just 1-2 business days or even a few hours for rush orders.

Depending on your needs, pricing begins at $89 for a single HTML5 Banner. We also offer value-added packages of 5 (The Starter Pack, $259), 10 (The Ultimate Pack, $389) and 18 (The Google AdWords Pack, $489). Click here for more details.

We design with Google AdWords requirements in mind, so you know your banners will always be approved. Interested in learning more? Contact us at info@bannersmall.com.