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HTML5 Banner design Service

Difference b/w HTML5 Banners, HTML5 Web Banners and Flash Banners

HTML5 is a Hypertext markup language used for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web and Markup is what HTML tags do to the text inside them. They mark it as a certain type of text.

Ever since HTML5 Banner came onto the banner design advertising scene, there has been a bit of a divide between the formats.

Flash banner design used to be the format of choice for rich media banners. Compared to static images or GIFs, Flash banner design stood head and shoulders above for click-through rates. It allowed ads to move and be interactive. Flash banner design was a formidable tool. Used badly, it annoyed visitors no end, but used well, it became a powerful creative medium.

However, now Flash banner design has a little problem: there is a new kid on the block. Updates to HTML (called HTML5 banners) have challenged the Flash crown as king of banners.


HTML5 banners often weigh 3-5 times as much as a Flash banner but far too many people myopically focus on the aggregate total file size. They miss the unique strengths of HTML5 banner technology that we should be exploiting, these have a tremendous impact on loading time and overall performance which is the whole point of the file size limits anyway!

Flash banner compiled all assets into a single swf meaning that if 10 different flash banners on a site all used a certain library, it got baked into each and every swf. End users paid the file size price 10 times.

Multiply that by millions of ads and it gets pretty crazy. In HTML5 web banners , however, a library can be dropped onto a CDN (content delivery network) and shared among all banners, thus end users only load it once and it’s completely “free” thereafter…for all ads pointing at that CDN…on all sites.


Driving traffic to your website is essential part of building and growing a successful business. Google Adwords is the place where you can promote your online business for bringing traffic to your website is often the first step in the sales process. Display advertising continues to be an important way to drive traffic; take a help of Google Adwords to promote your business however, there have been major changes to in this area, making display advertising more data driven than ever before.

Placement of a display ad on a web page can have a great effect on how well it will convert viewers. The best converting banners are those that sit above the fold, i.e. towards the top of the web page. Further, according to the latest benchmark report by Sizmek, HTML5 banners convert better than other including Flash and static banners.


Bannersmall is most popular in servicing the customers with HTML5 banner design; it has done the through survey on customer views and current trends about business world and trying to help businessman to promote their business and reach the customers for their products by using the latest technology and applications and tools like HTML5, this is the tool which is helping the promoters for the promotion with appropriate time, motion and speed.